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Heavy Duty ABS Axles ABS Exciter Ring and Sensor Cable in axle
8,000 lb through 27,500 lb Axles can be supplied ABS equipped, with sensors and exciter rings pre-installed.


All trailers with air brakes, manufactured after March 1, 1998, must have ABS in order to comply with FMVSS 571.121. This standard also applies to air-over-hydraulic brake systems.

Required Equipment

An ABS system consists of wheel sensors that send electric impulses to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which pulses the service brakes in the event of wheel lockup. The minimum ABS con figuration for a tandem axle trailer is a 2S/1M. This indicates two wheel sensors will be connected to and monitored by the ECU, and one modulator valve will control the service brakes. 4S/2M ABS con figuration is also available.

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