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Hayes 12" x 2" Inch Electric Brake

Capacity: 7000 lbs per pair (Old Style)

In late 1987, this brake was redesigned to use the oval style magnet, replacing the round magnet. Old style magnets and replacement parts are available, complete assemblies are not.

Hayes 12 X 2 Inch Electric Brake Parts Illustration


LH/RH Parts Only Hayes 12 X 2" Electric Brake Old Style
K568106.2 (LH) 185100 Hayes 12 X 2" Left Hand Electric Trailer Brake
K568106.1 (RH) 185150 Hayes 12 X 2" Right Hand Electric Trailer Brake

Replacement Parts

1 194600 Magnet Kit, Round (Old Style 5.2K) REFERENCE ONLY no longer available
BP01-180 (1) 195000 Magnet Kit, Oval (New Style)
BP02-224 (2) 201225 Left Hand Actuating Arm (New Style)
BP02-228 (2) 201250 Right Hand Actuating Arm (New Style)
BP04-185 (3) 206725 Shoe/Lining Hayes/AL-KO
BP06-090 (4) 212400 Shoe Hold Down Spring
BP07-150 (5) 217400 Shoe Return Spring,Single Spring 12"X2" Fits Dexter and Hayes/AL-KO
BP08-070 (6) 220000 Adjuster Spring 10" Electric
BP10-060 (7) 222400 Adjuster
BP10-220 (8) 225100 Adjuster Dust Plug, Pkg of 4
BP19-001 (9) 236502 Magnet Retainer Clip for Oval Magnet, Pkg of 4.

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