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The Protective Wiring Connector
The primary cause of electric brake failure is a loose or corroded connection in the brake wiring. The weakest point of the wiring connection is located under the trailer, at the axle, where the magnet wires exit the brake. Over time, the outer covering of the wires will become brittle and crack/break, exposing the wires, allowing the wires to short circuit against the trailer frame, axle, or against each other.

What is a protective wiring connector? It is an adjustable connector that attaches directly to the brake backing plate and allows you to attach most types of 1/2" I.D. conduit or loom to protect against rocks, dirt, snow, brush, etc.
This protective wiring connector may be ordered as a kit to retrofit existing axles (part # PWC1012), or may be pre-installed at the factory on new Dexter Axle assemblies for a minimal charge.
Dexter Axle Protective Wiring Connector
(Note: Axles ordered with the PWC option factory installed will not have the internal brake wiring inside the axle tube.) Protective Wiring Connector fits only Dexter Electric Brakes.